Dr. Charles L. Kennedy-Chairman/Founder

Charles Kennedy has served as the Founder and President of several non-profit and for- profit companies.

As a young man, Kennedy signed a professional baseball contract with the Minnesota Twins Baseball Organization. He also was a professional musician, lead saxophonist for the duo of Sam and Dave and managed the hit recording group Faith, Hope and Charity.

He launched Keys To Life Mission with the purpose of helping poor and disadvantage adults and students as both an employer and advocate to help them pursue their educational goals. Charles Kennedy was one of the first African-American  ministers  to host a  national television  program on Christian Television. Keys to Life was awarded a construction permit by the FCC to build a television station in Cocoa Beach, Florida. With that, Kennedy was President/Founder  of television station WRES Television, Channel 18. He has spoken and appeared on many local, national and international radio and television shows including Anderson Cooper 360.

He founded and managed The Glorious Christian Academy (GCA) which enrolled students in kindergarten through grade 12. Academics, Music and Sports were emphasized from a Biblical perspective. A highlight of GCA’s sports program was the boys’ senior basketball team; which was national champion for two consecutive years

In 1987, Charles Kennedy formulated the first ice cream in the dairy industry using honey exclusively as the sweetener. To this day no other company has successfully used honey as the exclusive sweetener in commercially produced ice cream. Amazingly, this delicious ice cream is infused with nutritious, fresh pureed vegetables. Walt Disney World in Orlando tested the C L Kennedy brand of ice cream and promptly placed a large order. Publicity went viral throughout the U S and the demand for the C L Kennedy ice cream by supermarkets, businesses and schools out-paced the ability to fulfill the orders. Presently, the C L Kennedy Group has positioned C L Kennedy ice cream to be re-launched into the market place.

While he was President, Ronald Regan invited Charles Kennedy to meet with him in the White House .Kennedy was selected as one of the leading clergyman serving his community and country.

In 2004, Mr. Kennedy founded and incorporated the non-profit, asset-based  trust,  Our Trust,  in the   State   of   Florida.   Working  primarily   in   real   estate,   the   trust’s  assets   grew  to  over

$100,000,000.00.  Kennedy has also held insurance licenses in the state of Ohio and Florida.

In the mid eighties, Charles Kennedy founded the non-profit African/ American Business Foundation (AABF) to develop businesses and projects that will enhance the African/American business and academic communities; encouraging them to begin and sustain their goals and objectives. The reach is local, national and international.  Presently, Kennedy has a partnership with a non-profit organization in Liberia, West Africa through AABF. AABF and its partner in Liberia have agreements throughout the 15 counties of Liberia to assist the indigenous people in developing their land and resources to lift them out of poverty. The officials of the Liberian government have been assisting in this effort. Both the Muslim and Christian communities are working together as one to realize their hope of using their natural resources to better their lives.

Kennedy was ordained as an elder in the Church of God in Christ in 1976 and has served as the founder /pastor of the Glorious Church in Tampa, FL. since 1980. Pastor Kennedy is married to Kendra, an executive in the insurance industry


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  1. You are a grate man Dr.Kennedy, the dream of helping Liberia to come out of poverty is very significant. Youth Agriculture For Rural Development (YARD)inc. Is expressing interest to partnering with you in addressing food insecurity problems, unemployment, women empowerment in agribusiness.
    Titus S.David CEO of YARD

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